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I Asked 1000 Professional Decision-Makers a Question About Automation

Automation has become increasingly important in modern workplaces, allowing businesses to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve productivity. As technology evolves, decision-makers constantly seek new and innovative ways to automate tasks and improve their workflows. To better understand the types of automation tasks in demand, I recently surveyed 1000 decision-makers across various sectors to find … Read more

The Art of Problem-Finding: How to find saas ideas

Have you ever found yourself struggling to develop your next great business idea? Or maybe you’ve identified a problem you’d like to solve, but you don’t have the domain knowledge to make it happen. You don’t need to be an expert to identify pain points and discover new business opportunities. Some of the most successful … Read more

Stop Losing Leads to Your Competitors: How SEO Can Help your SaaS Outrank and Outperform Them

If you’re looking to boost your website traffic, generate more leads, and increase your online visibility, you’ll want to pay attention to the tips and insights I’ll share in this issue. Keyword research Keyword research is a fundamental part of any effective SEO strategy. It involves identifying and analyzing the words and phrases (keywords) used … Read more

SaaS and AI

The SaaS industry is constantly evolving, and one of the most significant developments in recent years has been the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This article explores how AI is transforming the SaaS industry, with a particular focus on customer service, internal processes and operations, data intelligence, and acquisition opportunities. Additionally, the article features … Read more